Core Values.

Our Core Values are Our Constitution

Since our inception, we have relied on our core values to guide our way.

Our core values are lived by every employee and stakeholder within our organization. The values influence our everyday decisions and build the foundations for every project we pursue and complete.


Trust and accountability through open, honest relationships.


Putting people first by providing a supportive environment to connect and develop.



Courageous, confident, and always setting the next standard.


Driven to positive outcomes through ambition and being proactive.


Providing for those in the communities we serve.

Trinity Commercial is a values-driven business, built by and for our people. Guided by those core values, Trinity is driven to set a new standard in the construction industry. Our people are dedicated, hard-working, enthusiastic, and professional. We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your project and identify ways we can service you and your team at a level unrivaled in our industry.  // Richard Gartner, President